Monday, September 5, 2011

Light Tent Photography

As previously mentioned I've been photographing ceramics for Jaimie Ware.  When I started the main challenge I came across was eliminating reflections on the pieces while preserving the detail in the form as well as the glaze.  After trying out several different setups the one that I've found works best has been to photograph the pieces inside of a light tent.  While there is still some glare, diffusing the light through umbrellas (not pictured) as well as the tent significantly reduces reflections.  The inside of the tent is pure white which also helps as its reflection dosen't overpower the piece.  Seeing as photography isn't my primary source of income I try to spend the least amount of money possible when trying new things.  While tents can be purchased I made mine out of some muslin, foam board, and a large sheet of solid white paper.  The main issue I've run across in my set up has been that changing the angle of the camera can be a bit of a challenge as I have to cut a hole in the fabric that I'm shooting through.  Other than that it has worked perfectly.

Most of the photographs taken using this setup can be seen this Fickr set.

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